The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Free Download PC Game

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Release: 20 Sep. 2012
Developer: Frogwares
Version: 1.0.2

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - Another adventure quest from the third person, where you will play the role of a famous English detective of the 19th century, as Sherlock Holmes. If you are familiar with the previous part of the series Jack the Ripper, where the protagonist was wandering the streets of London, trying to find the maniac who was killing the prostitutes, you will like this novelty in the franchise, because it is even darker, bloody and gruesome. The sense of gameplay is not too much changed. You will be constantly engaged in the investigation of brutal murders, supported by your loyal, but very anal companion Dr. Watson. This time the case awaits you even more intricate and complex, with a touch of mysticism and betrayal. This series has always been known for its severity and austerity, but in the case of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, the authors have clearly crossed all boundaries, and delivered a truly dark quest, which in some places can lead the player into a state of shock. You will quite often observe the mutilated faces of victims, and close-up. Wounds from knives will be a common sight, as will charred skin and rotting flesh. Moreover, there will be the episode where you will have to get into the stomach of dead man and search the disfigured body for the clues that will help to find the murderer. Obviously, there is little to like about such scenes, but nevertheless, they make it interesting to continue to play through. In terms of gameplay itself, the Sherlock Holmes Last Will quest is not a revelation of the genre. You still have to explore the locations, have long and tedious conversations with the game characters and solve the unconventional puzzles. Forget about the action scenes and gunfights.


The Testament of Sherlock Holmes download game

Version: 1.0.2

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Deep plot, 3rd Person, Mystery, Gamepad Support, Masterpiece, Cooperative local game, Survival Horror, Third Person Shooters, Detective

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