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Thief Simulator Release: 9 Nov. 2018
Developer: Noble Muffins
Version: 1.3
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB
GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 750
Storage: 5 GB

Thief Simulator introduces you to such forbidden fruit in people's lives as theft. It's worth mentioning that this is an entertainment media product only, not intended to teach you how to steal. Nevertheless, the fact remains that in a game created by the Noble Muffins team you will engage in theft and the development of the accompanying skills of a controlled character. Steal other people's jewelry and expensive possessions, sell the loot on the black market, and use the proceeds to buy cool and useful theft gadgets. A true thief always makes thorough preparations before the case. He studies the daily routine of the residents of a house or an apartment, gets acquainted with the peculiarities of the area, and also observes the neighbors. Who gets to leave and at what time? When Tenants Return? All this you need to know in order not to be caught right in the act. Plan every step ahead, think of your escape route in case of unforeseen circumstances, always have a plan "B". Explore security systems and pick the most high-end locks. This is one of the most interesting stealth simulators, which offers you to emulate the role of a professional thief. You can play in free mode, stealing from houses you like, or you can run errands for people who prefer to remain incognito. Be cautious and extremely careful. Don't forget that it's impossible to plan perfectly, and there will always be some obstacles, whether it's unrecorded surveillance cameras or guests in the house that you couldn't possibly know about.


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Version: 1.3

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Action, Adventure, Stealth, Strategy, 64-bit, Atmosphere, Indie, Open world, 2018, Sandbox, 1st Person, Casual, Exploration, Realistic, Simulation, Funny, Crime

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