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Tricky Towers Release: 2 Aug. 2016
Developer: WeirdBeard
Version: 20.04.2020
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 1.73 GHz Intel Pentium M or better
Memory: 1 GB
Storage: 400 MB

Tricky Towers is a wonderful re-imagining of the familiar Tetris game! The game was released to the general public with the direct involvement of WeirdBeard in 2016. Nice graphics, plenty of color palette and gameplay is reminiscent of the original "building" of Tetris only technically, but otherwise, it's a whole new game.

Nice graphics make it a great choice for kid's entertainment. Gameplay is centered around a group of friends, who have a responsible mission - to erect a high fortified structure of blocks, which time and again fall from somewhere above!

But our enemies do not slumber: our rivals are baffled by exactly the same mission, and jealousy grips them. They do not mind to make all sorts of intrigue, in order to destroy our hard work and then built the building. Of course, we can't let that happen. But if it suddenly happened, do not get upset - we can always repay these vandals with the same coin. Moreover, that for actively contributing to the destruction of fragile enemy structures, we will be credited with a bonus in the form of extra points.

In addition to confrontation with other newly minted builders, we are also charged to compete with them in speed and skill: not enough to build the highest building. The tower must represent the aesthetic value, not a chaotic pile-up and blocks. So players are faced with a challenge, but the excitement that arises during the game won't let players back down and will hold them off until the finale.


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Version: 20.04.2020

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32-bit, For Weak PCs, Strategy, For multiple players, Great soundtrack, Indie, Physics, 2D Game, Puzzle, Casual, Cooperative local game, For the Whole Family, Funny, 2016, Split Screen

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