Trine Free Download PC Game

Trine Release: 2 Jul. 2009
Developer: Frozenbyte
Version: 2.12 build 510 - Enchanted Edition

Trine is a co-op arcade game, but it is possible to play it in single player mode. Instead of two player-controlled characters, you will be accompanied by bots, and you will be able to switch between the heroes at any time. Also speaking of heroes, there are three heroes in the game: a knight named Pontius, an archer named Zoe and a wizard named Amadeus. Each of them has a different goal: the first wants to build his own kingdom and destroy the dragon, the second wants to steal the kingdom and plunder the dragon's wealth, and the third wants to build a magical fortress for himself to have a place to scratch his thick beard and read books. Trine's gameplay is focused on mutual aid and cooperative interaction, but it is not forbidden to play alone. Events will unfold in the once peaceful kingdom, whose lands have been overrun by skeletons, zombies, werewolves and other all sorts of evil spirits. For a successful passage you will need to combine the abilities of the characters. Pontius knows how to defend himself and his comrades-in-arms with a shield that deflects directional projectiles. Zoey is able to climb high obstacles with a cat hook, and she can also swing on it and jump over chasms. Amadeus, on the other hand, has telekinesis, which allows him to move objects with his mind. In the best canons of arcade games, the action unfolds in 2.5D space, where characters are two-dimensional and the environment is three-dimensional. The graphics here are particularly noteworthy, as the overall visualization along with the high detail has been done with great care. Grim tunnels, dense forests cloaked in lush vegetation, blue lakes - you'll see a lot of sorts in the game, especially in the Enchanted Edition, which is based on the sequel engine.


Trine download game

Version: 2.12 build 510 - Enchanted Edition

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Old Games, Female Protagonist, Indie, Physics, Slasher, Violence, Pixel graphics, Casual, Gamepad Support, Multiplayer, Complex, Tactical, Nudity, Platformer, Meat, Arcade, Puzzle Platformer, TBS

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