Trine 2 Free Download PC Game

Trine 2 Release: 6 Jun. 2013
Developer: Frozenbyte
Version: 2.01 build 447
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
GPU: ATi Radeon HD 2400 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600, and newer *

In Trine 2, as before, the main characters are the thief Zoe, the warrior Pontius and the sorcerer Amadeus. Each of them is pursuing a different goal in a common adventure. Cunning and artful girl seeking untold wealth, brave knight dreams of glory, and the wizard simply got tired of the mundane life, and he just dilute his drab routine with another journey filled with the spirit of adventure. In terms of gameplay, Trine 2 is not at all different from its spiritual mentor, with the exception of local co-op. Finally in this arcade adventure with pseudo three-dimensional graphics appeared online mode, so you can pass the story in pairs or threes, without crowding at the monitor of one computer. In addition to the classic mode, the game appeared and "unlimited. The point of the latter is that the same heroes are available to all players. Above the game script did not work particularly hard, choosing the classic scheme of adventure, which can not be said about the design. The previous game in the series is remembered for its graphics and incredibly beautiful scenery in the background. The sequel, on the other hand, was a head-turner over its spiritual mentor. Lush colors are literally beaming everywhere, and properly placed light gives volume to the overall picture. It all looks equally flawless no matter the location, whether it's a radiant coast or a grim dungeon. Trine 2, like the first game in the franchise, exploits the idea of realistic physics, which in turn offers gamers a limitless number of options for reprisals: nasty villains can be shoved into a trap, send telekinesis into the mouth of toothy flowers, jammed with a stick or in any other way.


Trine 2 download game

Version: 2.01 build 447

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32-bit, Adventure, Indie, Multiplayer, Platformer, Gamepad, Arcade, Puzzle Platformer, Weak PC, Two Player

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