Two Worlds 2 Free Download PC Game

Two Worlds 2 Release: 4 Feb. 2011
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Version: + 1 DLC - Epic Edition
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Memory: Radeon HD, Geforce

The events of the action/RPG Two Worlds 2 (or Two Worlds 2) unfold in the expanse of the unique world of Antalor, divided into several islands, each with unique climatic features and its own atmosphere. According to the story, all the action is concentrated in the central part of the archipelago. The plot of the game is designed to continue the story from where the plot ended the previous part of the dilogy. This time the main story begins with the day when the ancient god Aziraal descended to Earth and imprisoned a part of himself in the body of the protagonist's sister. After some time, the protagonist, along with a blood relative, finds himself captured by Gandohar, a vicious sorcerer who practises black magic. His goal is to free Aziraal from the body of the protagonist's sister. The power of the deity is necessary for the sorcerer to subjugate the entire white world. The game itself begins with the protagonist's escape from the dungeon, which would not have been possible without the help of friendly orcs. Traditionally, at the start of the game we are greeted with the editor of the appearance of the protagonist, where you can and should choose not only the visual appearance of the protagonist, but also distribute starting skill points. Initially, you will be able to "scatter" talents between four quite standard characteristics, among them endurance, willpower, strength and marksmanship. With each new level, the player has 4 talent points at his disposal, the application of which is quite understandable. It is worth noting that the allocation of talent points - a purely personal matter, so that each user can create a unique character. It can be a fighter balanced on all fronts, an ultra-mighty but extremely vulnerable archer, or a powerful wizard.


Two Worlds 2 download game

Version: + 1 DLC - Epic Edition

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