Worbital Free Download PC Game

Worbital Release: 2019
Developer: Team Jolly Roger
Version: 1.10.6650
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: Quad Core
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: AMD HD 7700 Series (1 GB)

Intergalactic war rages across the universe. The sun and other stars have all but ceased to shine, and men and other factions have invented for themselves other sources of light and heat, which they have quietly settled on their planet. Some colonizers in Worbital have chosen to have an entire planet to equip, and we begin the game as the owner of such a planet. However, we have nothing else.

The game is noteworthy simply because as we search for resources and farm from quests, we see that we have the ability to shoot at enemies. If it were strange, we would not have written about it: you can choose not the type of projectile, but the classification of the explosion from that projectile. Hit an area, and it's the one that turns into a fungus, wiping out everything in its path; or turn green, leaving behind a virus. Choose big, think big.

Gravity is fundamental to the game. It helps the player to hit his enemies with projectiles, it is one of the factors of victory if you use it skillfully.

You can build several social or positional objects on your planet that will help you win this game. Don't forget to use gravity and shoot everything with all your might!


Worbital download game

Version: 1.10.6650

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Size To Download: 372.6 MB

Action, Strategy, Indie, 2019

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