Xenonauts 2 Download PC Game

Xenonauts 2 Release: TBC
Developer: Goldhawk Interactive
Version: closed beta 5.1
CPU: i5-4690
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: GTX 770
Storage: 20 GB

Real-time military strategy will allow the player to prove himself as an experienced warlord. On his shoulders will fall the burden of rescuing the planet from alien invaders. Unlike the first part of the game, the second part - switched to a full 3D, thus achieving the best optimization from PC.

A new threat forces Earthlings to set aside all differences and unite to protect Earth. You can't count on a quick and easy victory, because the invaders have been preparing for the invasion for several years. They've managed to scout a lot, which has enabled them to develop the best strategy to take over the planet. Advanced alien technology will cause a lot of trouble for the earthlings.

You will experience intense and realistic battles, a variety of locations, unique equipment and destructible environments. Now the player has some freedom and can make important decisions himself. He can choose operations that should bring tangible benefits and ensure victory over the aliens. Resources for this, too, the gamer will be able to pick up.

The upgrade of fighters and taking care of their equipment is now entirely up to the player. By strengthening one of the character's positions, it is necessary to take care of the balance of other characteristics. If a player dies, you can't get him back, because the death factor is permanent here.


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Version: closed beta 5.1

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Size To Download: 4.14 GB

32-bit, Strategy, Indie, Turn-based Tactics, Science Fiction, Simulation, Early Access, Turn-based

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