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Yaga Release: 2020
Developer: Breadcrumbs Interactive
Version: 1.2.40

The charming action-RPG Yaga is based on Slavic culture and folklore. The hapless blacksmith is in for a treat. He is constantly pestered by the king with various errands. A wicked witch has fallen on his poor head.

As a blacksmith, the user will have to explore an enchanted world. Blacksmith Ivan is out of luck. In addition to the witch who seeks to constantly manipulate the main character, he is pestered by his own grandmother. An old woman is constantly nagging her grandson in the hope that he will soon find a wife. When is the main character going to find his other half?? The tsar has a lot of impossible tasks to carry out, and the female sex (in terms of issuing orders and requests that must be fulfilled) cannot ignore them.

Each of the king's errands, though in Ivan's power, is often aimed at destroying ancient spirits and everything supernatural in the world. In contrast, he is Baba Yaga, whose task is to save all the paranormal. But the old woman does not want to harm Vanya, so she begins to successfully manipulate him.

Gamer will have to fight a lot, run errands, please each side, and remain a man in the literal sense of the word. The game embodies many dialogues, and the player's choice will determine the further development of the story.


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Version: 1.2.40

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32-bit, Action, Adventure, Atmosphere, Great soundtrack, Indie, Deep story, Slasher, 2D Game, Exploration, Re-playability, Action RPG, Funny, Humor, Consequence Decisions, Short

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