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Yesterday Origins Release: 10 Nov. 2016
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Version: 1.0 [Update 8]
Windows: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit ONLY) x64-bit system
CPU: AMD /Intel quad-core running at 2.2 GHz
Memory: 2048 MB
GPU: ATI/NVIDIA dedicated/integrated or mobile graphics card, at least 512MB of dedicated video memory and with at least Shader Model 4.0
Storage: 4 GB

Yesterday Origins is a point`n`click adventure video game. The story is about young John, who in 1481 was publicly accused of witchcraft and imprisoned in the dungeon. But the protagonist has already managed to drink a potion granting him immortality, but with certain consequences. Each time he is resurrected, he forgets his past.

After 500 years, he and his partner investigate mysterious events to once again perform a ritual that can answer all of the protagonist's questions and put him out of his misery. The player takes control of the character, he has to explore the world around him and solve a lot of puzzles that will advance further in the story.

The main story of Yesterday Origins takes place in several time zones, such as: Middle Ages and Modern World. The user must collect items, read letters, and books that can guide John to the right path, as well as fight enemies with traps or take part in melee.


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Version: 1.0 [Update 8]

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32-bit, Adventure, For Weak PCs, Mystery, Point and click, Puzzle, Grim, 2016

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