Yoku's Island Express Download PC Game

Yoku's Island Express Release: May 29. 2018
Developer: Villa Gorilla
Version: 1.2
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 x64-bit system
CPU: Intel i3-2100 @ 3GHz / AMD A8-5500 @ 3.2GHz
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 630 1GB / AMD Radeon 7770 1GB / Intel HD 530
Storage: 3 GB

Yoku's Island Express - top tier indie arcade, where the simple and straightforward gameplay is competently combined with innovative, but brilliantly polished graphics. The game is not a traditional (typical, if you like) platformer in the classic sense. The developers from Villa Gorilla have managed to cross two-dimensional adventure with pinball, having rolled out on the field of game industry absolutely amazing and, what is important, unique in its essence product. As conceived by the authors, the main character in the story is a dung beetle named Yoku. Despite belonging to such an unpopular species of insects, this little bug with tendrils is not repulsive at all. He's sweet, good-natured and sympathetic. Plot development begins when the protagonist finds himself on the island of Mokumana. He came here to become a letter carrier, but fate plays out differently. At some point, something strange happens, and Yoku becomes the only one who can save the island and its inhabitants. By gameplay type, Yoku's Island Express belongs to the so-called metroidvania genre, where the vast world is initially open for free exploration, with only the correction that some places on the map are closed until a certain point. To get to the new parts of the location, the game character must find the key or get a new skill that will help you overcome the obstacle on your way. Yoku's direct control is typical of the usual platformer. You can control the beetle in control, literally flying to and fro. However, there is one nuance: the main character can not jump, so for vertical movement, he uses flippers (pinball blades).


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Version: 1.2

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